John F. Allen Artist/Graphic Designer

John F. Allen
Artist/Graphic Designer

About me

My name is John F. Allen and I’m an artist/illustrator/graphic designer. I’ve been involved in the visual arts for nearly 20 years and have developed a unique style in my work. I began drawing as early as I can remember and even then, people who saw my work were impressed and told me I had talent. I’m a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, IN and I have two children. I studied art and art history at IUPUI for a while, although I’m largely self taught. I specialize in portraits…whether Fine Art or Caricatures, although I’m also an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist as well.  My portraits are sold by commission, and I work from either a photograph(s) provided by the client or shots I take of the subject personally. I also create portraits of pets, wildlife, and landscapes. I also provides illustrations as well, such as those found in advertisements and children’s books.

This website also features my Art Blog where I provide posts and articles on fine art tips, marketing, and social media advice for the aspiring and professional artist.

Artist’s statement

“My paintings and drawings are a glimpse of how I see things in my environment and sometimes the images in my mind. My Fine art portraits aren’t just wall hangings; they are representative of the subject’s family history, lineage and legacy, while my cartoons, caricatures and illustrations offer a humorous spin on my family life.I endeavor to capture the essence of my subject’s individual character and spirit in the paintings and/or caricatures I create. This is the very reason that I decided to pursue my passion and acknowledge myself as an artist. It is my creative personality and passion for creating art which shows up in my work and compels me to share it with others. I have to create, and I want to share my creations with the world! ”

~ John F. Allen



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