Would you like to have me draw a caricature of you or one of someone you know! I can work from photo you send me to create caricatures of you, your friends and family on commission. Caricatures are fun, unique gifts that fit almost any occasion!

Here’s the skinny: E-mail me photos of the subject (or subjects) you want me to draw. It’s possible for me to work from only one photo however, I prefer to have about three or more photos, from various angles. I will then draft a rough sketch of just the face, and send it to you via e-mail. This is a preview before the finished product, to be sure that you are satisfied. If you request any changes, then would be the time to let me know.

Payment: Once you approve the sketch, I will e-mail you an invoice. I accept payments through PayPal only! When I receive payment, I will begin working on the final drawing. Once the drawing complete, I will e-mail a JPEG copy of it to you.  I will send the original work to you if you desire, but additional shipping and handling charges will be incurred. The advantage of having it done digitally is that you won’t have to wait for its arrival via snail mail. On the downside, you will have to save the file and take it to a printer yourself for a physical copy.

Pricing: Pricing on my commissioned caricatures will vary depending on:

  • The number of subjects in the drawing
  • Size of the drawing
  • Medium(s) used for the drawing
  • Theme and/or background artwork

Once it is determined what type of caricature you want, I can give you a solid figure price.

E-mail me @:

Thank you!

All original artwork © copyright 2013 John F. Allen


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